China supplier Mini Excavator Rubber Track Undercarriage 9252882 Machinery Lubricated Dry Track Link Shoe Assy Track Chain Group for Bulldozer Parts Zx870h-5g near me manufacturer

Product Description

1. Description:

Part No.: Observe Link 9252882
Equipment No.: ZX870H-5G
Description:  Track Link 
Fat: 2000 kgs
Emblem:  Beneparts
Coloration:   Yellow or other folks
Generation Method:  Forging/Casting
Substance:  40Mn/35MnB
Floor hardness:  HRC 52 ~ fifty eight

two. Our goods assortment

3. Our generation line:

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Model Model
Keep track of Roller,                                                            Top Roller,                                                      Sprocket,                                                          Idler,                                                            Track Link,                                                         Track Footwear
  PC18-2 PC20-5/seven PC30-5/6/7/8 PC40-5/6/seven
PC50/PC55 PC60-5/6/seven PC100-5/6/7 PC120-5-6-7
PC200-3/5/6/7/eight PC220-3/5/6/7/eight PC200LC-3/5/6/7/8 PC220-3/5/6/7/eight
PC300-5-6-7 PC300LC-/5-6-7 PC350-5/6/7 PC350LC-5/6/seven
PC360-5/6/seven PC360LC-5/6/seven PC400-1/3/5/6/7 PC400LC-1/3/5/6/7
PC450-5/6/7 PC450LC-5/6/7 PC600 PC800
  EX30 EX40 EX55 EX60-2/3/5
EX70 EX100-1/3/5/ EX120-1/3/five EX150
EX200-1/2/3/five EX200LC-1/2/3/5 EX220-1/2/3/5 EX220LC-1/2/3/five
EX270-1/2/5 EX270LC-1/2/five EX300-1/2/3/5 EX300LC-1/2/3/5
EX330 EX330LC EX400-1/2/3/five EX400LC-1/2/3/five
EX450-1/2/3/five EX450LC-1/2/3/5 UH07-seven UH081
UH083 UH045 UH571  
  ZAX55 ZAX70 ZAX120 ZAX200
ZAX210 ZAX230 ZAX240 ZAX330
  E38 fifty five (E55) E70B E120B
E303.5 E305.five E305 311
312 (E312) 320 (E320) E200B 325 (E325)
330 (E330) 345 (E345) 320B 320C
320D 320BL 330B 330C
330BL 330D 325B 325BL
   DH55 DH80 DH130 DH150
DH220 DH258 DH280 DH300
DH320 DH360 DH370 DH400
DH420 DH500    
DX300 DX370 DX380  
   SK035 SK035SR SK30 SK35
SK45 SK50-1 SK50-six SK55
SK60-3 SK60-1/2/five SK60-8 SK100
SK120 SK130-8 SK200-3/5/eight SK210
SK230 SK250 SK300 SK320
SK330 SK350 SK07N2  
   SH35 SH55 SH60 SH65
SH75 SH100 SH120 SH120A3
SH200 SH220 SH265 SH280
SH300 SH320 SH340 SH350
SH430 LS2800    
       HD250 HD400 HD450 HD700
HD770 HD820 HD1571 HD1250
     R55 R60-5/7/8 R80 R130
R150LC-7 R200 R210-three R220-five
R225-7 R275 R290 R300
R320 R305 R360 R450
  R914 R924 R934C R944C
  CX35 CX45 CX55 CX240
    KX35 KX50 KX55 KX80
   SWE35 SWE40 SWE50 SWE55
SWE60 SWE70 SWE85 SWE330
  IHI30 IHI35 IHI80 IHI85
  TB150 TB175    
  FR65 FR85    
      SY65 SY200 SY215 SY330
     YC13 YC35 YC45 YC60
YC85 YC135    
    VIO30 YM30 VIO35 YM35 VIO40 YM40 VIO55 YM55
VIO75 YM75      
  D3B D3C D4 D4D D4E
D4H D5 D5B D5C
D5H D5M D5N D6
D9R D9T D10N D10R
D10T D11N D11R  
  D20 D31 D37EX-21 D40
D41P-six D41E-6 D50 D53
D51EX-22 D60 D65 D65-twelve
D61EX-12 D65EX-twelve D65PX-12 D80
D85 D85EX-fifteen D85-21 D155
D155A-1 D155A-two D155A-three D155A-five
D155-six D275 D355A-3 D375-five


D2 Hyperlink(35L) 1/2 LH1A/35  
  Hyperlink(35L) 9/16 AK13  
D3B Link(39L) CR3657  
D3C Url(36L, Split) CR4749  
  Url(36L, LUB) CR4746  
D3G Url(37L, LUB) CR6616  
D4D Link(38L, STD)5/8 CR2849/CR4858  
  Website link(36L, STD)9/16 CR2567B  
D4E Hyperlink(36L, Break up) CR3628  
  Website link(38L, LUB) CR3519  
D4H Link(39L, LUB) CR5192  
D5G Website link(39L, LUB) CR6856  
D5 Website link(39L, STD) CR2823  
  Hyperlink(39L, Break up) CR3627  
  Url(39L, LUB) CR3520  
D5H Hyperlink(37L, LUB) CR4805  
D6C/D Hyperlink(36L, STD) CR3176/CR6571  
  Url(36L, Split) CR3307  
  Website link(36L, LUB) CR3309  
D6H Link(40L, LUB) CR6587  
D7 Website link(41L) CR1769/CR5060  
D7H Url(40L, LUB) CR5069  
D7G Link(49L, STD) CR4235  
  Link(38L, STD) CR2576  
  Hyperlink(38L, Split) CR3308  
  Hyperlink(38L, LUB) CR3116  
D8H,K Website link(41L, STD) CR2877  
  Link(41L, Break up) CR2701  
  Link(41L, LUB) CR3149  
D8N(D8R) Hyperlink(44L, LUB)NON PPR CR4525  
  Link(44L, LUB)PPR    
D9G,D9H Hyperlink(39L, STD) CR2154  
  Website link(39L, Split) CR2672  
  Hyperlink(39L, LUB) CR3153  
D9L Link(47L, LUB) CR6446  
D9N Link(43L, LUB)NON PPR CR4653  
  Link(43L, LUB)PPR    
D10N Link(44L, LUB)PPR CR5038  
D4E-EWL/943 Url(38L, LUB) CR4261  
D5B-EWL/953 Link(40L, LUB) CR4264  
D6D-EWL/963 Link(36L, LUB) CR4267  
D7G-EWL/973 Url(40L, LUB) 3/four CR4268  
  Url(40L, LUB) 7/8 CR4700  
D4H-High definition,D5M Link(44L, LUB) CR5552  
D5H-High definition,D6M Website link(46L, LUB) CR5465  
D6H-Hd, D6R Url(45L, LUB) CR5534  
D7R Website link(40L, LUB) CR5574  
D20 Hyperlink(37L, STD) KM906  
D30/31 Link(41L, STD) KM239  
  Url(41L, Split) KM728  
  Website link(41L, LUB) KM727  
D40/53 Website link(38L, STD)fifty five.35mm KM62  
  Link(39L, LUB) KM489  
D50 Hyperlink(38L, Break up) KM492  
  Url(38L, LUB)    
D50 Url(39L, STD)fifty eight.5mm    
  Website link(39L, Split) KM861
D60/sixty five Hyperlink(39L, STD) KM953  
  Link(39L, Break up) KM952  
  Link(39L, LUB) KM951  
D65EX-fifteen(Hd) Url(39L, LUB) KM3467  
D61PX-12 Link(46L, LUB) KM2868  
D80/85 Hyperlink(38L, STD) KM1103  
  Url(38L, Split) KM1102  
  Link(38L, LUB) KM1099  
D85EX-fifteen Website link(41L, LUB) KM3904  
D85ESS-two Hyperlink(42L, STD) KM2095  
  Website link(42L, LUB) KM2094  
D155A-one Hyperlink(41L, STD) KM325  
  Website link(41L, Split) KM495  
  Hyperlink(41L, LUB) KM425  
D155A-2 Hyperlink(41L, STD) KM2661  
  Website link(41L, Break up) KM1270  
  Link(41L, LUB) KM1267  
D275A-5 Website link(39L, LUB) KM3593  
D355A-three Url(39L, STD) KM596  
  Website link(39L, Break up) KM649  
  Url(39L, LUB) KM426  
D375A-three Url(40L, LUB) KM1274  
450 Link(37L) CA274  
450C Link(36L, STD) CA744  
  Hyperlink(36L, Split)    
  Hyperlink(36L, LUB) CA725  
550E/G Hyperlink(37L, STD) CA865  
  Url(37L, LUB) CA864  
1150D/E Url(40L, STD) CA706  
  Hyperlink(43L, LUB) CA681  
850G/650G Website link(35L, STD)9/sixteen R56723  
  Link(36L,STD)9/16 R56723  
  Url(38L, STD) 9/sixteen R56723  
  Link(35L, LUB)9/sixteen R56513  
  Url(36L, LUB)9/16 R56513  
  Link(38L, LUB) 9/16 R56513  
  Url(38L, STD) 5/8 305711A1  
  Link(38L, LUB) 5/8 CA847  
1450B Website link(36L, STD) CA483  
  Website link(36L, Break up) CA575
  Link(36L, LUB) CA574
450E/G Url(36L, STD) 9/sixteen” ID781  
  Link(36L, LUB) 9/sixteen” ID782  
  Link(37L, LUB) 9/16″, 54mm ID1354  
450C Hyperlink(37L, STD) ID372  
450B/D Link(37L, STD) 1/2″ ID567  
  Link(39L, LUB) 1/2″ ID595  
TD7G Link(34L, WASHER) IN3454  
  Link(34L, LUB) IN3450  
TD15E Url(39L, Break up) IN3411  
  Hyperlink(39L, LUB) IN3421  

Model DESCRIPTION Component No. OEM No.
PC40-7 Hyperlink(38L)    
PC60-3 Url(42L)12.3mm KM906 201-32-00131
PC60-6/ PC75 Link(39L)14.3mm KM1686/3041 201-32-00011
PC120-3 Website link(43L) fourteen.3mm KM965 202-32-0571
PC100/one hundred twenty-five Website link(42L)sixteen.3mm KM1262 203-32-5711
PC200-5/6 Website link(45L)twenty.3mm KM782 20Y-32-00013
  Hyperlink(49L)None Seal KM782UNS/forty nine  
PC200-3 Website link(46L)eighteen.3mm KM1170 206-32-00011
  Website link(46L)None Seal KM1170UNS  
PC300-1/two Link(47L)twenty.0mm KM959/KM3628 207-32-00050
  Hyperlink(47L)None Seal KM959UNS/forty seven  
PC300-5 Hyperlink(47L)22.0mm KM1617 207-32-5711
PC300-6 Link(48L) KM2233 207-32-00300
PC400-1/three Hyperlink(53L)22.3mm KM973 208-32-00040
PC400-five Link(49L)24.3mm KM1402 208-32-5711
PC400-six Hyperlink(49L) KM2489 208-32-00300
PC600-six Link(49L) KM3057  
PC650 Hyperlink(47L) KM596 209-32-00571
PC1100-6/1250-seven Hyperlink(48L) KM2346 21N-32-5711
E70 Link(42L) MT24/42 1571077
E311 Website link(41L) CR4854/41 4I7479
213/215 Website link(49L) CR2849/49  
E110 Hyperlink(43L) CR1766/43  
225 Website link(43L) CR4858  
225B Link(46L) CR5035 5A5293
225D Website link(49L) 19.3mm CR5011 6Y8184
320 Hyperlink(45L) CR5350/forty five 9W9354
325 Url(45L) CR5489/CR6296 6Y 0571
330 Link(45L) CR5936/45 6Y2755
235 Link(49L) CR4235 8E4274
345B Url(47L) CR6594  
245 Hyperlink(62L) CR3127  
350 Link(47L) CR6396  
EX60 Link(37L) HT418 9096710
EX100 Hyperlink(41L) CR4854? 995398
EX100M(EX150) Url(45L) HT420 AT159899
EX200-one Hyperlink(48L) HT17? 9066724
EX200-three Hyperlink(46L) KM1170? 9092517
EX300 Website link(47L) KM959? 9140549
ZX330-3 Link(45L) KM2233 9257151
EX400-one Url(49L) MT14A 9084353
EX550 Link(53L)? D155 BH 9137494
EX700/750/800 Website link(51L) PC650-5 BH 9152643
SK60 Link(38L) KM1686/3041  
SK03 Link(  L) KM906  
SK120 Hyperlink(43L)    
K907B Url(48L)    
SK200 Url(49L)    
SK300 Hyperlink(47L) CR5060 56 0571 one
SK480LC Hyperlink(50L) SI1057 1040304
HD770/HD880 Link(47L) KM967  
S220 Link(52L) HT17/52 2272-1571
S220-three Website link(49L) KM782/49  
S280 Hyperlink(47L) KM959/47  
MX3 Website link(39L)    
MX135 Hyperlink(46L) CR4854/forty six 1181-00620
SE210-two Link(45L) KM782/45 1082-57110
SE280-2 Website link(47L) KM959/forty seven 1082-02651
SE350 Website link(48L) MT14/48 1082-0571
R1300-three Link(46L) CR4854/forty six 81E6-2501
R210-7 Hyperlink(49L) KM782/forty nine 81EM-2571
R280 Link(51L) KM959/fifty one 81EM-35571
R290-seven Link(48L) KM2233  
FL4 Hyperlink(35L) FT1351/35 58571
FL6 Link(35L) FT905 5115560
FL8 Link(39L) FT822  
FL9 Website link(45L) FT1667/45 71400985
FL14 Link(41L) FT1396  
FH200 Hyperlink(48L) FT2754/forty eight 7140571
FH300 Hyperlink(47L) FT2780/47  
HD11B Link(56L) AC1967  
RH9 Website link(50L) OK520  
SI879A Website link(49L) SI879A  
VA2508 Website link(47L) VA2508  

5. Our warehouse:

six.Company details

HangZhou CZPT Machinery co., Ltd as your dependable Undercarriage elements supplier, supplying total selection of substitution areas appropriate for all varieties of earthmoving machines which use to mining, design, agriculture etc. Like Excavator, Bulldozer, Loader, Backhoe, Scraper, Crusher and so on. The replacement parts that we supply including casting components like idler, sprocket, best roller, monitor website link, monitor roller, track shoes…, and many others. and forged areas like solid idler, sprocket, best roller, observe url, keep track of roller, keep track of shoes…, etc. .
Beneparts has a very powerful product sales group and firmly cooperated manufacturer with CZPT and target on good quality with more than 28 many years knowledge.
Our positive aspects are 4 fold, our:
one.powerful technological team, and we have the capacity to formulate supplies to meetthe distinct wants of our customer’s tasks.
two.Best quality monitoring system, and total range of innovative facilities, like Part investigation equipment, Influence Machine, Tensile Strength machine etc.
3. Rich expertise to do OEM/ODM company, we can create products as for each drawings and samples if you have distinct need.
four. Efficient administration, we can limited supply time and we have good right after sale support which preserve lengthy term business cooperation with our clients.
Our dedication to you is usually offering quick, practical, successful buyer support.
Look ahead to assembly you!

The drive chain is employed to transmit mechanical power when the axle distance is limited. These chains have successful lubrication. There are the subsequent 3 varieties of electricity transmission chains. Slider or Bushing Chain Bushing Roller Chain Peaceful Chain
Find the roller chain at EP, which has a wider waistline plate to help have heavier masses on conveyor belts, wire rod devices, printing presses and a lot of other industrial programs. Roller chains are entirely interchangeable and pre-lubricated to aid decrease elongation. Choose single or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to help prevent rust and chemical corrosion.

China supplier Mini Excavator Rubber Track Undercarriage 9252882 Machinery Lubricated Dry Track Link Shoe Assy Track Chain Group for Bulldozer Parts Zx870h-5g     near me manufacturer