Pet Bottle Blowing Molding Machinery with Ce

Pet Bottle Blowing Molding Machinery with Ce

20L PET bottle blowing molding equipment

ZQ-B20L-2, a pioneer in complete-computerized linear PET extend blow moulding machine, specifically for big volume bottles, ZQ adopts unique design on the preheating technique and servo driving method to empower it a large quantity blowing, more than 50% electrical power compared with equivalent devices by others, it is commonly employed in the bundle of beverage, edible oil, ketchup, cosmetics and health care products with the quantity 20L.

Blowing method: Generate the high-pressure integration valve group, the solitary cavity successful capability is improved by 60%.

Concentrated heating method: Patent gentle box supplies an even temperature, lamp length 101mm relatively than 240mm from Others and save electrical power by a lot more than 50%.

Stretching method: Use linear sliding keep track of framework as an alternative of liner bearing, which provides an utstanding enhancement of balance.

Principal transmission program: Undertake patent double strand roller chains engineering, to assure the calls for of steadiness and high speed.

CZPT mould clamping technique substitute the traditional pneumatic clamping method, booster force from a single sides with 2 plate forming to assure the substantial clamping stability at a pass rage of ninety nine.eight%.

20L PET bottle blowing molding machinery,tools details.

Type Product ZQ-B20L-1 ZQ-B20L-2
CONTAINER Amount of cavity one cavities 2 cavities
Output three hundred-four hundred pcs/hr 600-800 pcs/hr
Max. container volume twenty.0L 20.0L
Max. neck diameter 90mm 90mm
Max. container diameter 290mm 290mm
Max. container height 490mm 490mm
CZPTAL Method Quantity of lamp 30pcs 60pcs
Max. heating power 60kw 120kw
Installation power 65kw 125kw
Genuine electricity intake 45kw 65kw
AIR Method Operatating pressure 7-8kg/cm² 7-8kg/cm²
Low pressure consuming 1500Ltr/min 1800Ltr/min
Blowing pressure 25-35kg/cm² 25-35kg/cm²
Large force consuming 2000-2500 Ltr/min 3500-4000 Ltr/min
CHILLER Water Running stress five-6 kg/cm² 5-6 kg/cm²
Temperatuer 10º C 10º C
Consuming 6000kcal/hr 8000kcal/hr
Movement rater 50Ltr/min 88Ltr/min
Equipment Machine dimension 4.1×2.7× 5.1×2.7×2.1(m)
Equipment fat 4.0ton 5.0ton

Be aware: The specifications are subject matter to change CZPT notice for the further advancement.
Be aware: CZPT generation recognized. Any shopper notion tried.

Pet Bottle Blowing Molding Machinery with Ce