China OEM Chain Drive Bulldozer with C6121 Engine (165HP) Wd165y with Hot selling

Merchandise Description

Crawler bulldozer

WD165Y bulldozer is equipped with CAT licensed C6121 engine, which adopts semi-rigid suspended, electrical power shift, hydraulically controlled and swing sort of sprayed beam. It is relevant for road design, water and electrical energy engineering farmland leveling, port creating, mining and other engineering situations. AlsoWD165Y can be fitted with winch method and be used in lumbering.

Technical specs:

Design Shangchai C6121ZG57
Type Straight vertical, 4 stroke, h2o cooling, immediate injection sort
Flywheel power 122 kw
Rated pace 1850 rpm
No. of cylinder-bore x stroke 6-121×152 mm
Beginning technique Electrical starting, 24V, 7.5kw
Battery 24V&lpar12Vx2)-195AH
Air cleaner Dry type, precleaned cyclone air cleaner
Min gasoline use ratio 208 g&solkw.h
Transmission program
Torque converter three element, single phase, one phase
Transmission Hydraulic shift, planetary gear, several disc clutch, compelled lubrication by gear pump
Bevel gear Helical bevel gear, splash lubricated
Steering clutch Wet type, numerous disc, spring loaded, hand-operated with booster and hydraulic introduced
Steering brake Wet band brake, operated with hydraulic booster
Closing travel Spur equipment, double reduction, splash lubricated
Working hydraulic program
Operating strain fourteen Mpa
Rated movement 243 L&solmin &lpar2000rpm)
Pump Double equipment pump
Management valve Hand-operated, plunger, servo controlling
Cylinder bore x rod x stroke 110x65x1026 mm
Sort Sealed and lubricated one grouser or sealed single grouser
Monitor pitch 203.2 mm
Keep track of width 560&lpar510) mm
No. of keep track of shoes each facet 37
Duration of monitor on floor 2430 mm
Ground clearance 400 mm
Monitor gauge 1880 mm
Travel speed
Ahead pace three.8&sol6.6&sol10.6 km&solh
Reverse velocity 4.9&sol8.5&sol13.6km&solh
Under carriage
Spocket Segmented
No. of keep track of rollers every side 6 &lpar4 one and 2 double)
Track stress Hydraulic-modified

The roller chain runs on rotating sprockets connected to the motor that drives the chain. In most roller chains, there are two sorts of backlinks utilised alternately to make it function. Interior be part of (also called roller be part of): The two interior plates are joined together by two sleeves or bushings under the two rollers. Outer ring (also called pin ring): The two outer plates are pinned collectively, by way of the bushing of the internal ring.
Below are some positive aspects of chain drives in excess of belt and equipment drives: They can be employed for lengthy and limited distances. Several axles, are driven by chains. They are compact and have a small general dimension, so even in the event of a hearth, you will not knowledge any undesirable issues. Temperature and ambient conditions do not impact its procedure. Chain drives do not call for initial tension. They are quite successful (up to ninety six%) and have no slip and creep during transmission, making sure a excellent gear ratio. Chain push, straightforward to put in. Chain drives are minimal upkeep, endure abrasive circumstances and run in moist situations

China OEM Chain Drive Bulldozer with C6121 Engine (165HP) Wd165y     with Hot selling