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China best wholesale high quality YK880TAB roller redler scraper table top plastic conveyor chain roller chain breaking tool

Applicable Industries: Machinery Restore Stores, Foods & Beverage Manufacturing unit, Retail, Foods Shop
Standard or Nonstandard: Regular
Sort: Leaf Chain
Content: Plastic, Plastic
Tensile Power: 2100
relevant market: Substance Shop,Producing Plant,Machinery Restore Shop
Solution title: 880TAB-BO Conveyor Chain
Standarad or No Standara: Standard
Pitch: 38.1m
Width: 82.5-114.3mm
certificate: ISO9001:2000
Payment: T/T
Package deal: Plastic bag and Carton
Packaging Specifics: Plastic bag+Carton
Port: Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Port

wholesale higher quality YK880TAB roller redler scraper desk top plastic conveyor chain


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A:We are manufacturing unit and have our’s trade team.Q:How prolonged is your supply time?A:At most current are 3 times if in stock,According to quantity if no inventory.Q:What’s the materials of your item?A:usually POM.Q:What’s the payment time period of your business?A:T/T,Western Union, Income Gram, Paypal, Union Shell out.

Pin chain conveyor

The choice between roller chains and friction drives depends on the usage environment. Roller chains are more resistant to dirty environments and are more suitable for conveying bulk products. The pivot chain is designed to handle highly bulk products. Ideally, the center-to-center distance between the two axles should be thirty to fifty times the chain pitch. The size of the sprocket will depend on the usage environment, which will also determine the fatigue strength and resistance of the chain.

Roller chains are more resistant to dirty environments

There are some key differences between drive chains and roller chains. The most notable difference is in the materials. Drive chains are generally more durable than roller chains. However, both chains are prone to dirty environments. While solution chains are sometimes used for heavy-duty tasks, roller chains are often used in dirtier environments. In fact, drive chains are often used when the job is very dirty and the chain has to slide on the rails.
The new lubricant used on the roller chain attracts dirt and other debris to the surface of the chain and prevents lubricant from entering the load-carrying parts of the chain, such as hinge plates, bushings, and rollers. When dust is drawn into these components, lubricants, and dirt form an abrasive paste that accelerates wear.
Lube-free roller chains keep chains clean longer. This makes it easier to specify and install in areas with strict hygiene requirements. CZPT lube-free roller chains meet NSF-H1 lubrication standards. However, lubricated roller chains are still suitable for areas where food contact is unlikely.
Stainless steel roller chains are particularly resistant to acids, alkalis, and low-temperature environments. Since stainless steel is softer than carbon steel, lubricants are not as effective at preventing dirt from entering the chain. Stainless steel roller chains have a higher strength rating than standard chains, but are not as strong as chains made from carbon steel. If you are using a roller chain in a very dirty environment, you should use a stainless steel chain.

A stud chain is more efficient than a friction drive

The present invention relates to a light-duty double-ended chain that is more efficient than conventional chains. Stud chains are made by die-forging bar steel into roughly the-shaped links. This method avoids loss of shear strength due to bending and also minimizes the welded portion. The double-headed chain is light in weight and has strong resistance to fatigue damage.
This chain type has a stud-style design. Stud-shaped design provides greater tensile strength and prevents tangling. Each stud is formed by die forging and is usually shaped like an e or th. However, it is not necessary for each stud to have a uniform cross-sectional shape. Different cross-sectional shapes can be used depending on the application.
Stud chains are more efficient than friction drives because the studs in the chain are integrated. Stud links resist large breaks. Its applications are in conveyor chains and fisheries. Wear tested on boat chains made of SBC material. In the process, bolt chains were found to be more efficient than friction drives. Its applications are rapidly expanding.
Double-ended chains are more efficient for high-load applications. It features studs throughout its internal width to prevent kinking. Chains of this type are commonly used for heavy lifting machinery. Other types of chains are roller chains, power transmission chains, and bushing roller chains. These types of chains are also widely used in motorcycle, bicycle and transportation applications. In addition to being more efficient, stud chains also have fewer wear problems than friction drive chains.
A study on the difference between wear percentage and friction time showed that stud chains are more efficient than friction drives. The friction strips were measured at the beginning of the test. Take it off after 6 hours, 10080 times, and take pictures with the same diameter. As a boundary value, the diameter of the friction strip is smaller than that of a conventional chain. This shows that the present invention has better wear resistance than friction drives.

Shaft chains designed for conveying bulk products

Pivot chains are versatile conveyors used in many applications. Low back type, small backrest distance, rear opening design to prevent the product from sticking to the joints and causing stiffness. Stainless steel and carbon bushing pin chains do not have pre-rotating rollers. In contrast, bucket elevators do not use pivot chains.
CZPT pin chains provide unmatched performance in agricultural and industrial machinery. They are constructed from a single cast barrel and are connected by hardened steel pins. CZPT’s steel pivot chains are strong enough to withstand the corrosive environments of agricultural and industrial applications. The steel pins in the CZPT Pintle Chain are hardened and riveted to ensure long-term durability and optimum performance.
Lifeguard chains feature patented interlocking side links that reduce gaps between adjacent side panels. They can withstand a variety of applications and will never break under pressure. These chains are available in 1/2” and 1” pitch configurations. CZPT combines both types of pin chains to achieve the best of both worlds. CZPT features dual pin chains and pin joints to increase chain durability and reduce maintenance hassles.
CZPT’s engineering team can custom design pivot chains for your specific application. Designed for specific speed, friction, temperature and wear requirements, these chains are ideal for a variety of applications. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company operates on two strategic platforms: Food and Beverage and Industrial Applications. The products of these companies are used in food, energy and manufacturing.

China best wholesale high quality YK880TAB roller redler scraper table top plastic conveyor chain     roller chain breaking toolChina best wholesale high quality YK880TAB roller redler scraper table top plastic conveyor chain     roller chain breaking tool
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China best Roller Top Belt Curved Running Chain Conveyor for Food Industry near me supplier

Solution Description

Solution Description 

• The Chain Plate Conveyor Line will take the chain plate as the bearing area, which can bear large load and lengthy-length transportation The type of line entire body is straight-line and turning transportation The chain plate width can be developed according to customers or actual problems.

• it is extensively utilised for automatic transportation and distribution of foods, cans, medications, drinks, CZPT and washing items, paper goods, condiments, dairy industry and tobacco, and connecting transportation of again packaging.

• it can satisfy the requirements of solitary row transportation of CZPT labeling, filling, cleaning and other tools, and fulfill the demands of huge amount of material source for sterilizer, bottle administration desk and filling device. The head and tail of the 2 chain plate conveyors can be produced into overlapping mixing chains, The bottle (tank) entire body is in a dynamic transition point out, so that there are no bottles on the conveying line, which can satisfy the pressure and non stress conveying of empty bottles and solid bottles.

Main Technological Parameters:

Item Name Roller Prime Belt Curved Managing Chain Conveyor for Foodstuff Market
Applicable Supplies Carton, Bottle,Can
Materials Stainless Steel+PVC
Voltage 380V(415V)/50HZ(60HZ)
Application Meals and beverage, drugs and chemical market, logistics, e-commerce, electronics and appliances, assembly line, and many others,

 Solution Display 

1. The conveying surface of the chain plate conveyor is flat and smooth, the friction is modest, and the transition of components among the conveying traces is secure. It can transportation cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, tin cans and other components. It can also transportation all sorts of bags.

two. The chain plate is created of stainless metal and engineering plastics (PVC, PE) with a extensive variety of specifications. It can be picked according to the conveying resources and process requirements, which can satisfy the various demands of all walks of daily life.

three. The conveying velocity is precise and stable, which can make sure correct synchronous conveying.

four. Chain plate conveyors can typically be immediately washed with water or soaked in h2o. The gear is thoroughly clean and convenient, and can satisfy the hygienic requirements of foodstuff and CZPT market.

five. Adaptable equipment layout. Horizontal, inclined and turning conveying can be concluded on 1 conveying line.

six. The equipment has basic construction and convenient upkeep.

According to the requirements of merchandise, roof plates with distinct widths and shapes can be chosen to meet up with the specifications of straight line, turning, lifting and so on.
Product  Particulars

Chain Plate Conveyor Line

one. Line Human body Component
1.1 main side plate: plate thickness δ 2.0mm SUS304 stainless steel plate, regular section: 2000mm, manufactured in accordance to the true size
1.2 square pull rod: Materials: twenty * forty SUS304 stainless metal square tube, and the connecting pieces at each ends are welded
1.3 round tie rod: substance φ 20mm stainless metal spherical pipe with M8 nuts welded at the two ends
one.4 driving shaft and driven shaft: produced of SUS304 stainless metal, the diameter is identified according to the actual load, with good and damaging tolerances
1.5 driving shaft and driven shaft: created of nylon and machined. The pushed roller is equipped with embedded bearing, retaining spring limit and handy alternative
one.6 backing strip: Material: htpe plastic extrusion molding
one.7 supporting roller: Content: Nylon injection molding, outer diameter φ 40mm inner diameter φ 20mm
1.8 foot plate: Nylon injection molding, matched with stainless steel changing screw M16, fastened with enlargement bolts on the floor
1.9 the guardrail is produced of huge c aluminum rail and wear-resistant sheath
one.ten connecting plate and bracket plate: plate thickness δ 3.0mm content: stainless steel bending forming
one.11 components: Bearing with seat, numerous SUS304 screws, and many others.

two. Conveying CZPT Part
two.1 chain plate size * solitary column width eighty two.6mm
2.2 chain plate pitch: 38.1mm
two.3 chain plate material: POM polyoxymethylene engineering plastic chain plate PVC
2.4 standard width of chain plate: eighty three.8mm 114.2mm (if it exceeds the common width, 2 chain plates are necessary)
three. Electrical power Portion
3.1 reduction motor: worm equipment reduction motor Jinlong, defense grade IP55, energy P = 1.5kw/.75kw
three.2 linear speed: v = -25m / min
three.3 velocity regulation variety: Danish D,anfoss frequency converter frequency conversion velocity regulation.
4. Manage Element
four.1 materials of electric powered cabinet: 1.5mm SUS304 stainless steel plate is bent and welded.
4.2 electric powered handle parts: circuit breaker, AC contactor, button change, crimson and inexperienced indicator lights are chosen from S,chneider, France.

Relevant Items

The Chain Plate Conveyor Line takes the chain plate as the bearing surface area, which can bear big load and long-distance transportation The type of line entire body is straight-line and turning transportation The chain plate width can be made according to customers or actual problems.
It is extensively employed for automatic transportation and distribution of food, cans, medication, drinks, CZPT and washing products, paper products, condiments, dairy sector and tobacco, and connecting transportation of back again packaging.
It can meet up with the requirements of solitary row transportation of CZPT labeling, filling, cleaning and other products, and meet up with the demands of huge quantity of feeding of sterilizer, bottle administration desk and filling equipment. The head and tail of the 2 chain plate conveyors can be manufactured into overlapping mixing chains, so that the bottle (can) human body is in a dynamic transition state, so that there are no bottles on the conveying line, It can meet up with the pressure and non force transportation of vacant and solid bottles.


The Modular Web Conveyor Line is commonly used in the transportation of foods, beer and beverage, slaughtering, fruits and vegetables, medication, cosmetics, every day requirements, CZPT and other industries. By choosing diverse web belts, it can make ingredient sorting line, elevator, sterilizer, vegetable cleaning machine, chilly bottle machine, meat foods transportation and so on.
The modular mesh belt employs a plastic hinge pin extending over the total width of the conveyor belt to assemble the injection molded mesh belt into an interlocking unit. This strategy increases the toughness of the conveyor belt and can be assembled into any necessary width and duration. The baffle and facet plate can also be interlocked with hinged pins to turn into an integral component of the conveyor belt.
Horizontal straight-line conveying, lifting climbing conveying, turning conveying and other kinds. The conveyor belt can be additional with lifting baffle and aspect baffle.

The Belt Conveying Line conveys all kinds of posts with different weights via continuous or intermittent motion. It is appropriate for all kinds of bulk goods, cartons, packaging bags and other articles with little solitary w8. In addition to the transportation of regular posts, it can also satisfy the transportation of articles or blog posts with unique demands this kind of as oil resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-static.

The belt conveyor transports stably, and there is no relative motion among the material and the conveyor belt, which can stay away from injury to the conveyor. Reduced noise, ideal for quiet functioning environment. Simple structure and straightforward servicing. Reduced strength intake and reduced expense.

Screw Conveyor is an crucial type of vertical lifting conveying products for components. It has the attributes of compact structure, no conquer restrict and substantial movement stability. It is broadly utilized in foods and beverage, chemical business, e-commerce, warehousing, convey, daily chemical and other industries.
Item Characteristics: modest use area, saving room.
The screw conveyor drives the traction conveyor chain plate with custom-made facet bending chain to carry out spiral up and down transportation in the designed reduced friction coefficient keep track of, so as to comprehensive the vertical uninterrupted and non beat continuous vertical transportation equipment of the top variation among upstairs and downstairs. It has a remedy with strong trustworthiness, sturdy steadiness and minimal failure rate. The use direction of screw conveyor is one-way operation. Below special situation, it can customise the positive and damaging operation of lifting and descending directions.

Optional Items

Expert packaging equipment for 12 a long time, mainly engaged in: labeling machine, palletizing equipment, sealing equipment, unpacking equipment and packing device.We can customise different types of goods in accordance to your demands.

Our Services
Soon after sale:
1. Selection knowledgeable senior engineer come to consumer business for installation .
2. Supply systematic procedure training for customer personnel.
3. Assures all gear (besides human factors) inside 1 12 months, life span maintenance sevices.
four. Following consumer use the equipment for several many years, we can provide a detailed refurbishment software, the original equipment and substitute of components and computer software upgrades, increase machine service lifestyle for much more than 3-4 a long time.
five. If quality troubles crop up, the supplier offer complex assistance and timely supply putting on areas.


 Electrical configuration:
90% of our main add-ons are imported from overseas. This sort of as Siemens PLC, CZPT servo motor, and so on. Sturdy balance, long services life and low failure charge.

Business Profile                                                                                                             


Q1: What is your company’s principal products?
Palletizer,Conveyor,Situation Packer,Sealing equipment,Scenario Erecting machine,Capping Devices,Packing Equipment, and Labeling Machines.

Q2: What is shipping day of your merchandise?

Delivery day is thirty doing work times typically most of the equipment.


Q3: What is payment expression?

Deposit 30% in CZPT and 70% just before shipment the equipment.


This autumn:Are you manufacturer or buying and selling business?

We are manufacture confirmed by made in china and we have our possess layout staff.


Q5:In which are you situated?

Is it practical to go to you? We are located in ZheJiang . Visitors is extremely hassle-free.


Q6:How can you promise high quality?

one.We have concluded doing work system and methods and we adhere to them quite strictly.

2.Our various employee is responsible for diverse functioning process, their operate is confirmed,and will usually function this method, so quite knowledgeable.

3.The electrical pneumatic components are from the planet CZPT companies, such as Germany’s Siemens, Japanese CZPT and so on.

four.We will do stringent test managing following the device is finished.

five.Our machines are certified by CE,ISO,SGS etc.


Q7:Can you layout the machine according to our specifications?

Yes. We not only can customise the device according to your technical drawing, but also can he new device in accordance to your specifications.


Q8:Can you offer you overseas complex support?

Yes. We can ship engineer to your company to set the device and prepare your employee if necessary.


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Uncover the roller chain at EP, which has a wider waistline plate to aid have heavier hundreds on conveyor belts, wire rod devices, printing presses and several other industrial applications. Roller chains are completely interchangeable and pre-lubricated to help reduce elongation. Decide on one or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to aid avert rust and chemical corrosion.
Here are some rewards of chain drives above belt and equipment drives: They can be employed for prolonged and limited distances. A number of axles, are driven by chains. They are compact and have a tiny all round dimension, so even in the celebration of a fireplace, you is not going to knowledge any undesirable problems. Temperature and ambient conditions do not have an effect on its operation. Chain drives do not require initial stress. They are quite successful (up to ninety six%) and have no slip and creep for the duration of transmission, making sure a perfect equipment ratio. Chain generate, effortless to install. Chain drives are low upkeep, withstand abrasive problems and work in soaked conditions

China best Roller Top Belt Curved Running Chain Conveyor for Food Industry     near me supplier

ISO9001 made in China – replacement parts – in Colombo Sri Lanka NBR Rubber Conveyor Roller Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

ISO9001  made in China - replacement parts -  in Colombo Sri Lanka  NBR Rubber Conveyor Roller Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT Chain and agricultural gearbox factory in China with 5 different branches. For more details: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

ISO9001 NBR Rubber EPT Roller Chain

1. Chain Material: Alloy steel & Stainless steel
2. Rubber Material: NBR & NR & PUR
3. Rubber hardness: Shore hardness 65-75, 75-85
4. Chain Surface Treatment: Shot peening & Blackening & Bluing
5. Application: The rubber chains are widely used in wood products factory and plywood factory.
6. Chain Size: 12B-G2F4

Product name  ISO9001 NBR Rubber EPT Roller Chain 
Materials Available  1. Stainless Steel: SS304, SS316, etc
2. Alloy Steel: 45Mn, 42CrMo, 20CrMo, etc
3. Appurtenant material: NR, NBR      
4. OEM according to your request
Surface Treatment Shot peening, Blackening, Oxygenation, Polishing, Zinc-plated, Nickel-plated, Anodized, etc
Characteristic Fire Resistant, Oil Resistant, Heat Resistant
Design criterion ISO DIN ANSI & Customer’s Drawing
Size Customer’s Drawing & ISO standard 
Application Wood product factory, plywood factory
Package Wooden Case / Container and pallet, or made-to-order
Certificate ISO9001: 2008 
Advantage Fir EPT quality, Be EPT service, Competitive price, Fa EPT delivery
Delivery Time 20 days for samples. 45 days for official order.

Technique Parameter:

Product Show


Standard products include various transmission and conveyor chains, like Roller Chain, Double Pitch EPT Chain, Hollow Pin Chain, Leaf Chain, Table Top Chain, Side Bow Chain, Lumber Chain, Agricultural Chain, Silent Chain, PIV Chain, Stainless Steel Chain, Nickel / Zinc-Plated Chain, Dacromet Chain, EPT Chain, Steel Pintle Chain, Welded Steel Chain, Forged Chain, Malleable Iron Chain, and many EPT types. Different kinds of attachments are available.

Our service: The lowest prices and best quality to customer satisfaction, we look forward to your calls and long-term cooperation. 

If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.

The use of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the listed replacement parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.

ISO9001  made in China - replacement parts -  in Colombo Sri Lanka  NBR Rubber Conveyor Roller Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

ISO9001  made in China - replacement parts -  in Colombo Sri Lanka  NBR Rubber Conveyor Roller Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

ISO9001  made in China - replacement parts -  in Colombo Sri Lanka  NBR Rubber Conveyor Roller Chain with ce certificate top quality low price