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Merchandise Description

Cable Security Merchandise Drag Chain


Drag chain is also recognized as Cable carrier.  It is a gadget for binding cables, wires, air force tubes and oil stress tubes to facilitate their rotation and movement. Drag chain is divided into steel drag chain and plastic drag chain.  Steel drag chain created of steel and aluminum can be customized.  Plastic drag chain is also known as engineering plastic drag chain.  In accordance to the different operational atmosphere and requirements, drag chain is divided into bridge Drag chain, totally shut Drag chain, semi-closed drag chain a few. 



1. Substance: bolstered nylon, with substantial force and tensile load, very good toughness, higher elasticity and dress in resistance, flame retardant, stable efficiency at substantial and minimal temperature, can be utilized outdoor.  

two. Resistance: oil resistance, salt resistance, and a certain acid, alkali resistance.  

three. Speed and acceleration depend on operation: capable of running at large speeds more than long distances, and capable of acceleration and crisis stops.
4. Each link of the drag chain can be opened for simple installation and maintenance.


Specialized Knowledge:

Tensile Energy 180N/mm² Volume Resistance 1010-ten15Ω
Affect Power 50KJ/m² H2o Absorbency 4%
Temperature Selection -40ºC~+130ºC Friction Coefficient .three
Surface area Resistance 10ten-1012Ω Flame Retardancy HB(UL94)


Drag chain is used in reciprocating motion, which can play a part of traction and security to the created-in cable, oil pipe, fuel pipe, water pipe, and many others.  Drag chain has been widely utilized in CNC device instruments, digital equipment, glass machinery, injection molding device manipulator, dealing with machinery, plastic equipment, lifting equipment, woodworking machinery, auto industry, industrial automobiles, metal processing machines, device instruments, casting machinery, port gear and other industries.  

The roller chain runs on rotating sprockets connected to the motor that drives the chain. In most roller chains, there are two kinds of back links utilised alternately to make it work. Inner be a part of (also referred to as roller be part of): The two inner plates are joined jointly by two sleeves or bushings beneath the two rollers. Outer ring (also named pin ring): The two outer plates are pinned collectively, by means of the bushing of the inner ring.
Below are some rewards of chain drives in excess of belt and equipment drives: They can be utilized for lengthy and quick distances. A number of axles, are driven by chains. They are compact and have a modest overall size, so even in the event of a fireplace, you will not likely knowledge any poor troubles. Temperature and ambient circumstances do not impact its procedure. Chain drives do not require initial stress. They are extremely effective (up to ninety six%) and have no slip and creep for the duration of transmission, making certain a excellent gear ratio. Chain drive, effortless to install. Chain drives are lower servicing, withstand abrasive situations and operate in moist problems

China wholesaler High-Quality Inside Open Bridge Type Drag Chain for Handling Machinery Wholesale Price     near me supplier