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EP-140 Agricultural Lawn Mower Gearbox


The same is true when you’re moving in wet, muddy conditions. You need a lawnmower that lets you traverse obstacles, not just spin the wheels, or get you stuck on slopes. You need a lot of power and torque to move while maintaining grip. However, when you accelerate, you need less torque to keep going.

The lawnmower transmission transmits power from the engine to the wheels and is responsible for managing the speed of the vehicle by changing its torque according to conditions.

Ratio 1:1.5/1:1.93
Teeth 21/14 27/14
Module  5.7 /5.64
Power(HP) 60
Rated Input 540rpm
Input/Output Description 1-3/8 Z6 Taper spline
Weight(N.W) 30KG

How To Change Lawn Mower Gearbox Oil?

Mower manufacturers typically use 20W-50 oil in the transmission. In hydrostatic transmissions, there is a better alternative to oil. The oil in the mower hydrostatic transmission will handle the load well.
Hydro-Gear transmissions and pumps should be fluided with either 20W-50 synthetic motor oil or 15W-50 motor oil. It is easy to access and check oil levels on machines with oil reservoirs, as they are mounted to the frame behind the seat.
You should add a few drops of SAE 30 motor oil to each pivot point on the linkage to ensure that it is working properly. The brake pedal, clutch, and lift linkage should be included. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture recommends lubricating the riding mower every 10 hours of use and storing it away after mowing.
Oil changes are usually required every 30,000 to 50,000 miles (48,000 to 80,000 km) for manual gearboxes. If you want to replace your gearbox oil filter, do so at the same time. Changing your oil after a gearbox leak has been repaired is the best way to ensure it is fully topped up.
Changing the gearbox oil yourself requires the same criteria for disposal as changing engine oil. It is not a good idea to dispose of the drained oil in the trash, as it is chemical waste.
The average car can reach 80,000 miles before it needs a gear oil change in normal driving conditions. Insufficiently lubrication can cause serious damage to your gearbox, transfer case, or differentials when contaminated oil is used. In addition, if your transfer case or differentials have recently been repaired, you should replace the gear oil.
The transmission dipstick should be located in the owner’s manual (the location should be shown)….
The dipstick should be pulled out of the filler tube…
Make sure the oil is in the right color.
What Kind Of Oil Do You Put In A Lawn Mower Gearbox?
It is common for mower manufacturers to use 20W-50 motor oil in their transmissions. There is a better alternative to motor oil in hydrostatic transmissions.

PTO Shafts for Agricultural Gearboxes are Available.

Agricultural equipment includes a variety of PTO shafts. Each 1 is connected by yokes at each end and rotates between 540 and 1,000 rpm. A safety shield is commonly installed on both ends of a PTO shaft to protect the operator. These protective shields are also found in tractors and agricultural implements, and they ensure maximum efficiency. Added safety is also provided by the use of internal yokes.

The agricultural PTO gearbox is designed to change the output speed of a PTO drive shaft. It can be used as a decreasing or increasing ratio gearbox. With the decrease ratio gearbox, it reduces the PTO shaft’s speed from 1000 rpm to 540 rpm, allowing you to use equipment designed for 540 rpm. On the other hand, an increasing ratio agricultural gearbox increases the speed of the PTO shaft from 540 rpm to 1000 rpm.

Usage Scenario of Lawn Mower Gearbox

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