1kg-20kg Large Industrial Ozone Generator for Organic Contaminated Soil Reediation

1kg-20kg Large Industrial Ozone Generator for Organic Contaminated Soil Reediation

Air Supply Ozone Generator CZPT Parameters

Design Ozone creation Feed gasoline circulation Ozone
Cooling h2o stream Electrical power consumption Electronic Management Cabinet
Ozone discharge chamber Dimension (mm)
kg/h Nm³/h wt% m³/h Kwh/kgO³ W D H W D H
POZBA-1K one 26-39 two-3 three-4 14-seventeen 800x800x1800 900x800x1800
POZBA-2K two 52-77 two-three six-8 fourteen-seventeen 2000x900x1800 2100x900x1800
POZBA-3K three seventy seven-115 2-three 9-12 fourteen-seventeen 2000x900x1800 2100x1000x1900
POZBA-4K 4 one hundred and five-a hundred and fifty five two-3 12-sixteen 14-seventeen 2200x1000x2000 2100x1100x2000
POZBA-5K five 130-one hundred ninety two-3 fifteen-twenty 14-seventeen 3300x1100x2040 2200x1200x2100
POZBA-6K six a hundred and fifty five-230 2-3 18-24 14-17 3300x1100x2040 2200x1200x2100
POZBA-8K 8 205-310 two-three 24-32 14-seventeen 3700x1200x2040 3800x1000x2100
POZBA-10K ten 260-390 two-three 30-40 14-seventeen 4000x1200x2140 3800x1200x2100
POZBA-15K fifteen 390-580 2-3 forty five-sixty fourteen-17 4500x1200x2250 3900x1200x2100
POZBA-20K twenty 515-755 two-three sixty-80 14-seventeen 5600x1200x2350 3900x1300x2300
POZBA-25K twenty five 640-960 two-3 seventy five-a hundred fourteen-17 5600x1200x2350 3900x1400x2400
POZBA-30K thirty 775-1160 2-3 a hundred-120 14-17 6000x1200x2350 3900x1500x2500
POZBA-40K 40 1030-1550 2-3 a hundred and twenty-a hundred and sixty 14-17 6200x1600x2250 4000x1800x2700
POZBA-50K fifty 1290-2320 2-3 150-two hundred 14-seventeen 8500x1600x2350 4000x2000x2850

Oxygen Supply Ozone Generator CZPT Parameters

Design Ozone creation Feed gasoline circulation Concentration Cooling drinking water stream Power consumption  Electronic Manage Cabinet
Ozone discharge chamber Dimension (mm)
kg/h Nm³/h wt% m³/h Kwh/kgO³ W D H W D H
POZBO-1K one seven-9 8-ten one.5-two 14-17 700x800x1800 800x800x1800
POZBO-2K 2 fourteen-eighteen eight-10 three-four 14-17 800x800x1800 900x800x1800
POZBO-3K 3 21-26 eight-10 four.five-6 14-seventeen 1200x1000x1900 800x1000x1900
POZBO-4K 4 28-39 eight-10 6-8 fourteen-seventeen 2000x900x1800 2100x900x1800
POZBO-5K five 34-43 eight-10 7.five-10 14-seventeen 2000x900x1800 2100x1000x1900
POZBO-6K 6 41-52 8-10 9-twelve 14-seventeen 2000x900x1800 2100x1000x1900
POZBO-8K 8 fifty five-sixty nine eight-ten twelve-sixteen 14-seventeen 2200x1000x2000 2100x1100x2000
POZBO-10K 10 68-86 8-10 15-twenty 14-17 3300x1100x2040 2200x1200x2100
POZBO-15K fifteen 102-128 eight-ten 17.five-thirty 14-17 3700x1200x2040 3800x1000x2100
POZBO-20K 20 136-171 8-10 thirty-forty fourteen-seventeen 4000x1200x2140 3800x1100x2100
POZBO-25K twenty five 170-210 eight-ten 36-fifty 14-17 4000x1200x2140 3800x1200x2100
POZBO-30K 30 203-256 8-10 45-60 14-seventeen 4500x1200x2250 3900x1200x2100
POZBO-40K 40 271-341 eight-ten sixty-80 fourteen-17 5600x1200x2350 3900x1300x2300
POZBO-50K fifty 339-426 8-10 75-a hundred 14-seventeen 5600x1200x2350 3900x1400x2400
POZBO-60K 60 406-511 eight-10 eighty-one hundred twenty 14-17 6000x1200x2350 3900x1500x2500
POZBO-70K 70 485-625 8-ten a hundred and five-a hundred and forty fourteen-17 6200x1600x2250 3900x1600x2600
POZBO-80K eighty 542-681 8-ten one hundred twenty-one hundred sixty fourteen-17 6200x1600x2250 4000x1800x2700
POZBO-100K 100 677-852 eight-ten one hundred fifty-two hundred 14-seventeen 8500x1600x2350 4000x2000x2850

1. Electricity usage is primarily based on distinct ozone focus and cooling water conditions.
2. CZPTerize for larger ozone focus ozone generator.

Ozone is a properly acknowledged sturdy oxidizing material. In the area of squander fuel purification and deodorization, the effect of the powerful oxidation ozone and the molecular response of the exhaust gasoline can be used to purify deodorization and deodorization. This strategy has the following traits:

As a robust oxidizing material second only to fluorine in mother nature, ozone can respond with most of the gasoline molecules speedily and properly, specifically for prolonged chain macromolecules and ring molecules,which are extremely useful in the application of desulfurization and denitrification.

The application of ozone in engineering is very convenient. The ozone produced by ozone can move into the air duct or air chamber to meet the ozone sum and response time, which can accomplish the deodorization influence. There is nearly no engineering cost for new waste gas projects and renovation assignments.

Help save Cost
Ozone deodorization tools expenditure expense is minimal, no complicated engineering, low working expense.

Ozone purpose

  • To even more degrade the biodegradable natural and organic matter.
  • Lessen the chromaticity and turbidity of the effluent.
  • Kill Escherichia coli and virus in h2o
  • Take away the odor of h2o

Our Items benefit

  • All in a single products, effortless to run
  • Over temperature safety, more than-present defense, and above-voltage abnormality checking.
  • Ozone leakage alarm, procedure fault alarm checking
  • Supply complete established of auxiliary equipment, including air compressor, fuel storage tank, filter, freezing dryer, adsorption dryer etc.
  • Use unique stainless steel tube for discharge chamber
  • With SIEMENS PLC touch screen automatic handle system, users can attain checking, control, switching, environment, report, alarm, cycle commence-up, emergency shutdown and so on. features.

Our Core Technologies

  one. Ozone discharge chamber technology

Unique glass tube discharge chamber(Patent No ZL2011 two 0385785) adopts double air gap discharge technologies, large top quality glass medium and matching focused electricity provide, entirely exerts the performance of corona discharge to produce ozone, guaranteeing big output, high focus and decrease electrical power usage.

two. Higher energy ozone dedicated dry-type transformer technological innovation

The large voltage transformer converts the alternating existing output from the inerter circuit into high voltage electrical energy appropriate for generation of ozone by making a dielectric barrier discharge in the chamber discharge physique. In order to match the capacitive attributes of the incidence of the discharge of the chamber discharge physique, the demands of its parameters are various from these of ordinary transformers.

three.Ozone special frequency conversion electrical power provide engineering

The ozone generator manage method is independently produced by the business to management the regular procedure of the ozone generator energy offer, and has anti-jamming, load brief circuit safety, higher operating temperature defense, with industry top level, higher operation reliability.

 Environmental problems

Working Temperature 0ºC to +40ºC
Altitude If >1000 meters over sea level, the cooling impact turn into undesirable and the air outlet of air compressor will reduce
Humidity Highest eighty five% relative humidity
Atmosphere Non-flammable, corrosive and conductive dust
Atmospheric Force a hundred and one.3KPa regular atmospheric strain is essential
Operating Region Conditions Preserve the room for ozone generator technique dry and ventilated

Following sales service

Our business is dependable for the maintenance of the tools and the institution of tools user documents from the day the tools leaves the manufacturing facility.
The clever distant monitoring middle monitors the procedure of products in actual time by way of the smart remote checking program.

  1. Soon after-product sales services ensure center, built a comprehensive soon after-sales components warehouse and supporting facilities.
  2. Supply free of charge equipment use instruction and equipment maintenance coaching.
  3. Give clients with products elements and servicing resources in time.
  4. CZPT the guarantee interval, a prolonged-expression servicing contract can be signed.
  5. Improve the contact with consumers, pay out focus to the opinions of customers, build user top quality monitoring information card, improve the consumer profile.
  6. The professional training crew pays standard visits to recognize the operation of the equipment to make sure the extended-expression secure and dependable operation of the products.



Deal and shipping and delivery


Subject set up

Why Select Us?

1. Knowledge :11 years focus on ozone generator R&D and manufacture,service of a lot more than a thousand clients.

two. 30000 square meter manufacturing facility region

three. Core patent engineering and approved certifications

4. Strict quality control to make sure safe and reputable merchandise

5.Service: 24 hours on the web services,life-extended servicing

6.Skilled abroad income crew, source prompt response

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1kg-20kg Large Industrial Ozone Generator for Organic Contaminated Soil Reediation